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Got Xero? Get Beautiful Reports!

Know your business better! Create beautiful KPI reporting dashboards that YOU can build from your Xero data - in minutes, with no credit-card required!

Instant reporting dashboards for Xero.

Now you can get the reports that Xero doesn't give you quickly and easily - WITH NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED!

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it - and you need good information to make the best decisions for your business.

For example: Who are your Top-10 customers? Which products cost the most to ship? Who are your best-performing sales people? 

Xero is a fantastic accounting system, but it lacks a viable means to show you more specific metrics about your business in a modern, visual analytics dashboard, and there is certainly no option to correlate data from your website or spreadsheets.

Traditional tools to do this can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and take weeks or months to set up.

Alpha7 Internet of Business (A7 IoB®) provides the fastest means to get visual reporting and analytics for Xero, Google Analytics and spreadsheets- without coding!

Choose from ready-made KPIs or build your own in minutes. A7 IoB® lets you view Xero data alongside your website metrics, so you can measure the direct effect of your campaigns on sales, or analyse your marketing spend against website traffic to understand which channel gives the best return on investment.

A7 IoB® simply lets you view all your Xero business data in one place. It enables you to control your business by providing clarity into your most critical business data.

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In five minutes from now you could have your own, working Xero Dashboard showing you things about your business you never knew!


Xero data extraction

Connect to Xero, Google Analytics or a CSV file

Sign in to Xero and connect. It takes seconds. You can also connect to Google Analytics to view your website performance.

Got data in a spreadsheet? No problem. Save it as a CSV and load it in!

Choose Your Xero KPIs

Or create some of your own!

A7 IoB® comes with Key Performance Indicators ready to go on Xero so you can understand more about your business straight away.

See KPIs like Average Revenue per Invoice, Top 10 Products This Year, Last 3 Months' Expenses, Top 10 Customers - and more!

Alternatively, create your own with ease.

Xero KPIs ready made for you
Xero data visualisation

Create Xero Dashboard Workspaces

Lay out your Xero, Google Analytics or spreadsheet KPI reports on your workspace in any way that makes sense to you.

Create multiple workspaces for different areas like Finance, Marketing, Sales, or a Summary to get a complete view of your business.

View Your Xero Data Anywhere!

If you run a Xero book-keeping service for your customers and they don't access Xero much themselves, then this is the perfect solution to let them see how they're performing.

A7 IoB® lets you add as many users to view the dashboards as you like, without having to buy extra Xero user licenses!

Xero Dashboard


Continue for free or upgrade as shown below to unlock features.
All prices in USD. *Subject to change.


For users beginning their journey with data
$ 0/user/mo.
Begin your data analysis journey at no cost.
  • Create up to 1 Dashboard
  • Upload up to 1 CSV
  • Preset KPIs 
  • Up to 3 custom KPIs 
  • 3 months of data accessibility
  • Data refreshes daily
  • Mobile responsive
  • -


For growing teams with increasing data
$ 8/user/mo.
Billed Annually
$10 per user, if billed monthly
  • Create up to 5 Dashboards
  • Upload up to 3 CSVs
  • Preset KPIs 
  • Up to 10 custom KPIs 
  • 1 year of data accessibility
  • Data refreshes hourly
  • Mobile responsive
  • Standard Support


For effective analysis of high-volume data
$ 24/user/mo.
Billed Annually
$30 per user, if billed monthly
  • Create up to 10 Dashboards
  • Upload up to 10 CSVs
  • Preset KPIs 
  • Up to 25 custom KPIs 
  • 2 years of data accessibility
  • Data refreshes every 15 mins
  • Mobile responsive
  • Priority support

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Be rewarded for helping your customers get a better view of their business.
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