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ScanAR - Augmented Reality for Print Advertising

Make your ads come to life and increase advertising sales revenues!

Increase engagement, get more sales and more revenue for you and your customers.

Add value to your customers print ads, with augmented reality video overlaid on YOUR newspaper (as seen in Harry Potter!)

Print advertising hasn't changed since print began. 

However, since the rise of the internet, advertising in newspapers can be seen as old-fashioned or boring - especially among the younger readers. Keeping them engaged is challenging.

Not any more!

ScanAR is an augmented reality (AR) app for Android and iPhone that lets your readers see video and other content attached to your print ads or articles.

The reader simply installs the app, and points the camera to an ad in your paper, and the print ad comes alive as a video is magically overlaid!

The app allows the reader to press a button and be taken to your advertisers website for more information.

ScanAR makes print advertising engaging, fun, informative and profitable.

How does it work?

  • 1. Trial

    You identify a few customers for the trial and collect their videos (can be on YouTube).

  • 2. Set up

    Provide us the ad artwork, video link and customers website link for the button.

  • 3. Get Prepared

    We process the video and artwork to be triggered within ScanAR.

  • 4. You Go to Press

    Print and distribute your publication as usual. 

  • 5. Delivery

    Your readers download the ScanAR app and view the amazing new ads.

What else can we do for you?

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White Label Apps

We can create a customised version of the ScanAR app for your business with your branding. We'll take of everything - app generation, approval through Apple App Store and Google Play.

Customisable Features

We can customise your app to provide push notifications to alert your readers on the day of your newspaper's delivery.

We could make it a condition of use that your readers provide their email address.

Get your advertisers to provide an incentive for using the app, like providing a discount code or enter a prize draw to drive adoption and 

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Makes Readers Sticky

ScanAR helps to enforce readership loyalty. Especially if you customise the app to keep them engaged.

You could have a weekly editorial video telling your readers what to look for in the next issue.

Push out special discount coupons for advertisers. Of course, your advertisers will love you more too!

Reach New Audiences

Get younger children hooked on your newspaper by linking animated AR content to any children's articles.

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Take these simple steps to see our technology for yourself

1. Print the sample page

2. Install the app

Get the app for your mobile device right here. Once installed, launch and aim your camera at the image on your printed sample page. 

You can also point your phone at the image here on your PC screen.

I want Augmented Reality Print Ads!

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