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MariaDB Data Warehouses - FAST!

Building Data Warehouses in a day or two with MariaDB Column Store?
Now you're just showing off!

Ajilius - the Fanciest Trick for Building Data Warehouses in MariaDB Column Store.

As anyone who knows will tell you, getting your data ready for BI is the most expensive, time-consuming and riskiest part of any BI project.
Ajilius cuts the cost, slashes the time and eliminates - yes, eliminates - the risk of your project dropping the ball.

Maria DB Column Store offers staggering performance for an open-source database, and is deservedly finding its place in within many smart businesses.

That said, it isn't a magic bullet for getting your data ready for BI. That's still tough job that's hard to do right. 

In fact, it's a well-researched statistic that over 80% of the time and budget of your BI project will be spent getting the data ready.

Traditional tools and coding techniques simply do not offer a result at a speed your business demands.

Ajilius Data Warehouse Automation provides the fastest means to get your data ready for reporting and analytics - without coding!

Once Ajilius has built your data warehouse, it can make it instantly avaliable for reporting and analysis in PowerBI and Excel, (as well as other popular BI tools including Tableau, QlikView/QlikSense and Yellowfin BI). 

Ajilius generates all the user and technical documentation for your data warehouse, AND you can migrate from one DB technology to another in just three mouse clicks.

Build MariaDB Data Warehouses - FAST! Get Ajilius today!

Quick Intro to Ajilius

Ajilius data sources

Wherever Your Data Lies - We've Got You Covered!

Ajilius supports the drivers you need to connect to all your applications and web services like Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, SAP, Oracle, Magento, Marketo, SharePoint, Xero, Google Analytics, Facebook, and many more.

Ajilius makes connecting to your data EASY.

Dive In Without Coding!

Ajilius builds your MariaDB data warehouse fast - in hours or days, not weeks or months. Since Ajilius generates all the code for you, all you have to do is decide which data it is you want. Ajilius makes it fast and easy.

You can build your data warehouse into a wide range of target databases, and all the documentation is created for you.

Better still, you’re never locked in. E.g. Build in MariaDB today and migrate it to PostgreSQL, Azure, Redshift, Exasol or Snowflake tomorrow.

Ajilius migrates everything - code and data - in minutes.

Ajilius Kimball star-schema
Ajilius creates BI tool meta-data.

The Fastest Path to BI Reporting 

Ajilius prepares the data for your BI tool so you don’t have to!

Once your data warehouse is ready, your meta-data is generated at the push of a button. Once your project file is exported, you simply load it into your BI tool, and all your data is immediately available for reporting.

Ajilius creates BI Views for Microsoft PowerBI and Excel, and exports BI meta data for Tableau, QilkView/QlikSense and Yellowfin BI.

Ajilius generates all the user and technical documentation for your data warehouse, and data descriptions get transferred to your BI tool and displayed as tooltips (where supported).

Make a Splash with Real Self-Service BI!

It’s true. Once your data is ready for BI, it’s faster and easier to build reports from it.

Your users can now enjoy true self-serve reporting in your BI tool of choice.

Ajilius does all this in hours or days, letting you focus on the outcome and not the code.

Yellowfin BI Dashboard

Seal the Deal!

Tell me more about Ajilius for MariaDB! Book me a demo and show me how to give ETL the flip(per).

Cannot wait? Buy now!

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