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Are you good at building BI? Ajilius will help you build faster.

What Is Ajilius Universal Explorer™?

"One tool to rule them all, and with information, bind them."

Ajilius Universal Explorer™ is part of the Ajilius Data Warehouse Automation tool, and creates a core, common BI data source that is instantly exposed and accessible via any major BI tool. 

After choosing your BI tool, your next big challenge is getting the data ready for it. Sure, you can cobble together a few tables. In fact, many BI tools provide some rudimentary data fudging capabilities. But they leave a lot to be desired. They won't support slowly changing dimensions (as needed to track things like when a customer changes address) and they won't handle incremental loads, so you have to reload your full data set every time. Yuk.

People shy away from the data warehouse. And with good reason! They are complicated and hard to build. That's why Ajilius was born. Ajilius removes all the labour, complexity and risk of building a data warehouse - and delivers in hours or days, not weeks or months.

Now Ajilius goes one step further. It delivers the metadata required by your BI tool - for all major BI tools - and does it fast!

Today, you can build your data warehouse once and deliver it to any major BI tool in seconds. 

Same Data. Any BI Tool.

By destandardizing your BI tools, you can exploit existing user skill sets for true self-serve reporting across your workforce. 

Whatever tool your user prefers, Ajilius Universal Explorer™ supports them all! 

Ajilius Universal Explorer Supported BI Tools

Same Result. Everywhere.

Since Ajilius Universal Explorer™ creates the core data warehouse and metadata for each BI tool, the numbers reported are always the same.

You always have a single version of the truth with Ajilius.

No BI Tool Lock-In.

Have the best of all worlds. Give your data scientists a more expensive BI tool for serious analytics, use a cheaper BI tool to deliver dashboards to the masses. The freedom to choose is yours!

Let Ajilius Universal Explorer™ create the metadata for them all in seconds, and never be locked in to any one of them.

Ajilius Universal Explorer for all BI tools

Your Data. Available Via All Major Platforms

Ajilius Data Warehouse Automation lets you deliver a modern data warehouse on any major database platform. It also allows you to migrate your data warehouse between any of these platforms in just three mouse clicks.

You're never locked in to any data warehouse or BI tool with Ajilius.

Ajilius Supported Target Databases

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Build On-Premises or in the Cloud

Ajilius provides a complete end-to-end workflow for your data - from source to an on-premise data warehouse or one in the Cloud.

Attunity Replicate Cloud Environments
Ajilius Data Warehouse Automation for the Cloud

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