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Becoming an Ajilius Reseller Partner offers incredible advantages for your customers  and your business. Sign up today!

Ajilius Partnership has its benefits.

Whether you're a one-man-band BI/DW consultant or a large consulting firm, we want to hear from you!

The market has become very crowded. In order to beat the competition, you need to be smarter, faster, better - and cheaper.

While you might get some customers to sign up for a three or six month information project, the truth is, your customer is becoming more aware of Data Warehouse Automation.

The old ways of building data warehouses is going out of the window. You need to show your customers you're on top of your game - before your competitors do.

Ajilius Data Warehouse Automation provides the fastest means to get data ready for reporting and analytics - without coding!

You can now offer your customer what he needs - faster and at a lower cost than ever before. Better still, you can outbid your competitors every time.

Better yet, you can now reach customers for whom a data warehouse was beyond their budget.

Give your customers their best option. Sign up with Ajilius today!

Quick Intro to Ajilius

Ajilius data sources

What data can I work with using Ajilius?

Ajilius supports the drivers you need to connect to all your customers' applications and web services like SalesForce, SAP, Oracle, Magento, Marketo, SharePoint, Xero, Google Analytics, Facebook, and many more.

Ajilius makes connecting to data EASY.

No Coding? Won't that kill my consulting dollars?

If you don't win the business, you've lost them anyway.

True, Ajilius builds data warehouses fast - in hours or days, not weeks or months. This means (that for the first time ever) your customer sees a quick return on their investment. You've eliminated the risk, delivered the project FAST and gained a happy customer. A rarity in the Business Intelligence industry!

Fact: When a customer sees a fast return, they're always happy to throw more dollars at you to solve more problems for them (problems that were previously considered too expensive to solve).

Ajilius is a great investment - for your customer AND your business.

Ajilius Kimball star-schema
Ajilius creates BI tool meta-data.

Simple, low-cost licensing with great incentives.

Ajilius is sold under an annual subscription license that is very easy to understand (because it makes a lot of sense).

The price is attractive to your customers, yet sufficient to be rewarding for you. Being a subscription model, Ajilius offers year-on-year revenue for you and your business.

Through our marketing efforts worldwide, we're always delighted to be able to pass you leads in your territory at no cost of points to you!

Give Your Customers Real Self-Service BI!

It’s true. Once your customer's data is ready for BI, it’s faster and easier to build reports from it.

Your customers can now enjoy true self-serve reporting in their BI tool of choice.

Ajilius does all this in hours or days, because you can focus on the outcome and not the code.

Yellowfin BI Dashboard

Grow with us! Enquire about Ajilius today!

Tell me more about Ajilius! Let me see a demo and learn how my customers and I can benefit.